Baby & Me, LLC - Maternity & Kids Consignment Sale
Consignor Information
Once you sign-up to consign, you will be given a consignor number that you will put on all of your tagged items.  Please follow the specific directions for preparing and tagging items. We ask that consignors bring a minimum of 20 items or $50.00 worth for the sale, and sign a Consignor Agreement Form (available at drop-off).  Consignors will receive 70% of their sales, minus a $8.00 sign-up fee. 
All items must be dropped off on Wednesday 4:00-8:00 p.m.  Items that did not sell must be picked up on Saturday from 3-4:00 p.m. or they will become property of Baby & Me, LLC.  Once the sale is complete, you can expect to receive a check in the mail within one week (or possibly on the spot).
                     To register, contact Karen at (715) 222-4835
Tips for Consignors:
-To minimize the use of safety pins, items (mainly shirts) do not need to be pinned to the hanger if you can ensure they will not fall off. Or you could just pin one side on the hanger.
-Please mark all tags in a marker or a Sharpie (to prevent theft)
-If you make a mistake on a tag, please make a new tag (this will help prevent theft at the sale)
-If items are being sold individually, they must be on their own hanger. Please don't double up individual items.
-If you sell at consecutive sales, your consignor number will remain the same.
Items Accepted: 
Please see Accepted/Non-Accepted Items page for a list of items.
How to Register: 
It's easy to register.  Just call or e-mail and I will get you a consignor number so you can start tagging your items.  Go to "Contact Us" page.
How to Prepare, Tag, and Price Items:
The better an item looks, the better it will sell! 
All items must be clean and without stains
Wash all clothing, bedding, cloth toys
Wipe down all toys
Remove dirt from shoes, etc.
Inspect all items for stains, rips, tears, damage
Make sure all parts of items are included
Manuals/instructions are always helpful
Please price items accordingly and determine what you would pay for your item at a consignment sale.  The usual recommendation is 1/3 of the original price.
Clothing- Please read carefully
We accept all baby-kids clothing (no junior sizes)
All clothing (shirts, shorts, pants, etc) must be hung on hangers with safety pins through them at the top.  This allows for shoppers to see your items without fear of them falling off. We will not accept items that are not on hangers with safety pins.  Do not use straight pins.  Also note that you will not get the hangers back.  Sometimes Wal-Mart, Target, or K-Mart will give hangers away if you ask.  Otherwise, the dollar stores sell them. (One consignor had a great idea- each time she goes to Wal-Mart, etc. and is checking out, she asks the cashier if she has any hangers in her basket and if she does, each time she has given them to her.  They add up between Baby & Me sales and then she has enough)
*The minimum price on clothing is $2.00 and may only be in $1.00 increments.  You can combine items together on one hanger if needed if they are being sold together. On Saturday, we offer a 50% discount day if you choose to do so as a seller. This must be noted on your tag if you DO NOT want your item to be discounted on Sunday.
*Only in-season kids clothing is accepted (no junior sizes)
        Spring Sale- only Spring/Summer clothing accepted (long sleeves, sweatshirts, jeans, etc are acceptable) - no heavy coats, snowpants, winter boots, etc. accepted
        Fall Sale- only Fall/Winter clothing accepted - for example, no shorts, water shoes, sleeveless garments, etc. accepted.
*The product tag must be affixed to the item's upper right hand shoulder (when the item is laying on the table in front of you) - see photo below.
*Hang the garments on the hanger so that the hanger makes a question mark (?) when the clothing is lying on the table in front of you.  See the clothing photo below.
   *NOTE: Please do not group items as an outfit if they are different sizes. 
*must be cleaned top and bottom
*shoes must be attached together with zip ties, loop pins, etc. 
* we prefer you do not put them in ziplock bags as buyers want to see the product. 
*it's a good idea to also safety pin them together and tie laces together
*shoes with too much wear and tear will not be accepted
*must have working batteries if needed- this will be checked at check-in
*if the toys have loose parts, secure these in a plastic bag and tape them to the
  toy.  Make sure they are secure because if they get separated, the item will not sell.
*include all manuals if possible
*tape your tag securely to the toy so it cannot be torn off or ripped off
*toys or items that plug in will be tested at check-in
*parenting and children's books (hard or soft cover) are accepted
*tape your tag securely on two sides to the back cover of the book using regular
  scotch tape so it can be removed at check-out without damage.
Tags must be vertical on 3x5 index cards (no paper cut to size) and must include the following information.
Upper left corner-  Write 'Donate' if you want the item donated after the sale. 
                                Leave blank if you
                                 plan to  pick up your items.
Upper right corner- Write the 'Gender' of the item and below that the size.  Do not
                                 use S, M, L.  Use 6-9 mos., 2T, etc.
Middle of index card- Write an Item Description including brand, color, etc.
Lower left corner-   Consignor Number- please make sure to write the
                                 correct number
Lower right corner- The price goes at the bottom.  If you do not want the item
                                  discounted 50% on Sunday, place a 'ND' right above the
(The picture on left shows that the item will not be donated and will not be sold at discount on Sunday.  The picture at the right shows it will be donated if not sold and will be sold at 1/2 price on Sunday.)
Drop OffWednesday 4:00-8:00 p.m.
After you check-in, each item will be inspected.  Please DO NOT be offended if you have an item that is not accepted.  As we have stated before, we want to have a quality sale, therefore, we will be very picky.  Many times we can see the stains better in the NATURAL light at check-in.  After all your items are inspected YOU ARE REQUIRED to place them on the sale floor in the designated areas.  Again, if you have large equipment or furniture you are REQUIRED to assemble and set those pieces up in the designated areas.  Please allow up to 30 minutes for drop-off.
Pick-Up- Saturday from 3:00-4:00 p.m.
It is very important that you pick-up your unsold items during the pick-up time on Saturday.  We cannot store your items for you.  At this time, you should also go through the lost and found to claim any items in which the tags may have fallen off.  All items left after pick-up will become property of Baby & Me, LLC.
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