Baby & Me, LLC - Maternity & Kids Consignment Sale
Accepted Items For Sale:
We will be very selective of the items we accept. Our goal is to provide all shoppers with great quality items. Please look through your items very carefully. Sometimes the light in the building picks up some stains that you miss at home, so please do not be offended if we turn any of your items away.
We will not accept items that are stained, ripped, faded, or have missing buttons, etc.  No out of date styles—it won’t sell!
Only your best worn children's clothes.   We are accepting newborn through kids sizes (no junior clothing at this time).  All maternity clothing is accepted (any season).  Plus Size clothing will not be accepted as Maternity clothing.
Other Items--must be clean
  • Shoes- must look line new, no scuffs or dirty shoes accepted.  They must be banded securely together (zip ties work well).
  • Toys, video games, bikes, puzzles (no missing pieces), games, ride-on toys, sporting goods. (battery operating items need to have batteries and be working)
  • Costumes, dress-up clothes, and dance wear.
  • Small Items-socks, bibs, small toys, etc should be placed in Ziploc bags or zip tied together. 
  • Books/videos including current home school curriculum.
    NOTE:  VIDEOS, CDS, DVDs, etc.  Please make sure that the correct item is in the correct case.
  • Batteries must be included in all battery-operated toys and equipment.  (The dollar stores have packs of batteries for $1.)
  • Breast pumps-as it isn't recommended to resell pump accessories, only the motors/bags will be accepted.
  • Bottles-please remove the nipples.  Only brand new packaged nipples will be allowed.
  • Undergarments must be new and unopened in package to be sold.  No used items.
  • Play equipment must be clean!!  Examples:  Sleds, playhouses, slides, picnic tables, bicycles, etc. 
  • Baby equipment such as strollers, swings, bouncy seats, exersaucers, etc.
  • Children’s furniture including gliding rockers, chest, beds (no drop-side cribs accepted), changing tables, etc. 
  • Play Yards, Jumpers, Exersaucers, High Chairs, and Strollers
    These items sell exceptionally well.  However, they sell best when clean & assembled.  If you plan on bringing a similar item, please allow enough time at drop off to assemble these yourself at the sale
  • Children’s Bedding & Accessories
Items NOT Accepted
*car seats- due to restrictions and insurance purposes, at this time we cannot sell   
                 car seats. We apologize for any inconvienence this may cause
*drop-side cribs cannot be re-sold
*stuffed animals (unless it sings, moves, tumbles, etc.)
*outdated, ripped, torn, or stained clothing
*breastpump accessories, bottle nipples (unless new in package)
*grab bags of toys such as Happy Meal toys
*hair accessories (unless new in package)
*undergarments (unless new in package)
*liquid or perishable items
*sippy cups, eating utensils, pacifiers, teethers, etc (unless new in package)
*towels, washclothes, etc.  (unless new in package)
We want a quality sale where shoppers know they will have a pleasant experience and be satisfied.  Please ONLY bring items that you as a shopper would be willing to purchase!
If you have any questions about particular items or the sale, please contact Karen at (715) 222-4835.
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